Cat. No: GEM029 | Release date: October 28th, 2013 | Format: digital


  • Hemelpoort
  • Tegno
  • Shulgin


Egbert has been dazzling us with the speed at which he has skyrocketed to being one of the world’s top players in the techno scene. Within a short period of time he has managed to create a rapidly growing fan base who have all been avidly waiting for him to release an album for some time now. Come 4th of November, Egbert will finally be releasing ‘Warm’ on Secret Cinema’s Gem Records. The first preview of the album is on this fantastic 3 track EP out October 28th.

With powerful pumping main room techno such as ‘Haasten’ and ‘Straktrekken’ under his belt but also melodic and somewhat minimal sounding techno, Egbert creates a broad spectrum of music within his own signature sound. So which direction did he go on Warm?

The album takes you on a trip through Egbert’s vision of melodic techno. Well produced and euphoric but without stepping in to known territory. In his own words: ‘One thing I often miss at techno parties is warmth. I would like to bring that back to techno’. While his live sets are usually filled with percussion and rhythm, this album compiles the tracks that bring warmth to his set. We also get a taste of Egbert’s raw side with the powerful pumping grooves and punishing dark basslines on ‘Tegno’ and ‘Shulgin’. There’s even a new flavour added to the versatile producer’s palate with the trippy ambient sounds of ‘Ondergronds’ and ‘Trip’.

This preview EP starts with Hemelpoort with its heavenly, warm, plonky synths that echo their way in and out of sync climaxing in the break only to be stomped back in line by the kick when it returns. A real eyes closed peak time spacer! On the flipside we kick off with Tegno. This is definitely the most powerful of the bunch. The repetitive, dark bass line builds up tension until a drum breakdown gives the green light to go berserk… Finally there’s Shulgin which has been a huge bomb at most of Egbert’s shows for the past year. A tribute to dr. Alexander Shulgin, the track is powerful and pumping with lots of spacey, trippy and creepy stabs and noises.