Cat. No: GEM016 | Release date: October 17th, 2011 | Format: digital


  • Vrijheid
  • Groovegg
  • Dieper


After a year of big remixes for the likes of Secret Cinema, Carl Cox, Marc Romboy, Funk D’void, Guy J and many more, Egbert van der Gugten is finally back with a full EP. A year of touring and performing his live set for crowds across the globe has developed his sought after sound to yet a higher state of awesomeness! The result is a tree track EP of some of the most danceable funk filled techno available right now…

Adam Beyer – “Dieper is the one for me but all of them are good trax. Funky and perfect like always from Egbert!”
Marc Romboy – “Dieper is fantastic!! Playing!”
Laurent Garnier – “One word – Wwwwwaaahouuuuuu!!! Vrijheid the pick for me.”
Len Faki – “Dieper is definitely the best for me here!!”
Stephan Bodzin – “Will play out all 3 of the tracks at Mayday tomorrow. BOMBS!”
Samuel L Session – “I like it! It has groove and some soulful elements. Will play all three.”
Gregor Tresher – “Wow, Monster release by Egbert & GEM – all tracks are for me, straight into my October Top ten.”
Agoria – “Will try them out this weekend. For now Vrijheid is standing out.”
Ramon Tapia – “Vrijheid….BIG BIG BIG!!!! Support for sure!”
Cristian Varela – “Dieper is great!! Really excellent! Playing!”
King Unique – “Like the glistening chords & twinkling percussion on Vrijheid, lovely bit of sunshine techno.”
Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “Always excited to hear from one of my favorite producers out there…. Grooveg and Dieper are fantastic. Dieper is just a growling techno beast ready to be unleashed on the danceflooor, while Grooveg is as the name says a nice rolling groove…..”
Kaiserdisco – “Massive ep! Love all tracks Egbert! Big support from us!!”
Orde – (Slam) – “Another cool release from Egbert and Gem – playing Vrijheid!”
Dosem – “In love with Gem Records, Egbert and this whole melodic techno EP!”
Alan Fitzpatrick – “I LOVE Egbert!! And LOVE this ep!!”
Alexander Kowalski – “Dieper is the best of the release for me. Very solid EP from Egbert.”
Sasha Carassi – “Wow amazing release again from Egbert! Playin them all.”
Marco Bailey – “Full support always for Egbert and Gem ..i am a fan. ”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Really liking Egbert’s Vrijheid. Very nice. Gonna play it!”
Martin Eyerer – “Yeah! Very driving stuff here. Liking Vrijheid… will use for sure.”
Karotte – “Vrijheid is good! Groovegg is a goodie too. Playing them!”
Joseph Capriati – “Since I discovered Egbert there is always a track of his in my long sets. Love the melodies and hypnotic sounds he uses. Full support!”
Michel de Hey – “Yeah cant go wrong with Mr Egbert all 3 are cool, no use trying to pick out a winner here. :)”
Sian – “Bomba ep!!! As always from Egbert. Support from me on all.”
Wally Lopez – “Really cool tech tunes again from Egbert..Virjheld my fav! Will play.”
Carlo Lio – “Dieper is def the one here… sounds like a dancefloor killer.. will be trying this tonight for sure.. support.”
Nuno dos Santos – “Rockin tracks! Will play Vrijheid & Dieper for sure!”
Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Vrijheid is nice. Reminds me of a faster Tuccillo. Which I like ”
Dave Seaman – “A great EP of cool and BIG tracks. Definitely playing these.”