Cat. No: GEM040 | Release date: January 16th, 2015 | Format: digital


  • Shake
  • Dik Geluid
  • Korrelig


After just over a year of strictly remixes, Egbert returns with his first EP after his critically acclaimed album ‘Warm’. ‘Shake’ is a dancefloor EP with three unforgivingly powerful originals!

2014 Was a year with many highs for Egbert. With a whopping 4 gigs at Awakenings including both days of the festival, rocking the Cave at Timewarp NL before Sven Väth, Electric Brixton in London, Flex Club Vienna, Sziget Festival and loads more amazing gigs with thousands of people going mental to his live act.

For 2015 there are a string of strong EP’s lined up kicking off with ‘Shake’ on Gem Records. As Egbert spends most of his time playing live sets with 100% Egbert tracks around the globe, he knows exactly which ones pack the most punch. Label boss Secret Cinema who plays epic sets together with Egbert regularly, sat down and selected three of those tracks for this EP.

The record kicks off with ‘Dik Geluid’ which translates into ‘phat sound’. A stripped down repetitive techno bomb with a hard kick and a throbbing bass effect as its main elements accompanied by spacey noises and lo-fi vocal samples that funk and echo over the top. Next up is ‘Shake’ which revolves around a bassline on every 16th note triplet that swings over the beat in a way that gives the track loads of energy and danceability. Filters are opened and decays lengthened until the bassline growls and roars with energy building up and up. Finally there is ‘Korrelig’ which is probably one of the darkest tracks from Egbert’s sets. With scary horror movie vocals, huge delays, and a main noise that sounds evil to its core this is one bad-ass cut…