Cat. No: GEM056 | Release date: July 27th, 2018 | Format: Digital


  • Shades of Prey
  • Black Snake
  • Adamin


Ferdinand Dreyssig is a skilled producer with many great releases under his belt such as his latest ‘Point Noir’ EP on My Favourite Freaks. But he is also a renowned engineer, mixing and mastering for many projects and labels. This talent shines through on his three-tracker for Gem Records.

The EP kicks off with Shades Of Prey which has been hyping up crowds wherever it was played during its testing phase by label boss Secret Cinema. It does what a truly great dancefloor track should do: transport body and mind to a higher realm with it’s hypnotizing melody and driving groove. Black Snake and Adamin both deliver a powerful, exciting atmosphere and lots of energy wrapping this up to be a strong release with 3 A-sides.

Ferdinand Dreyssig follows up SUDO’s amazing ‘Seventh EP’ released early July. Next up from the Dutch label is a special release to celebrate 10 years of Egbert accompanied by a short documentary. One of the biggest artists to be put forward by Gem revisits two of his best releases on the label: Straktrekken and Haasten. Stay tuned…