Cat. No: GEM032 | Release date: April 14th, 2014 | Format: digital


  • Mr McGirk
  • Primal Funtion
  • Dubzero


Fractious, known for his on the money modern loop-techno and JC Williams, known for his quality old school analogue Chicago and Detroit sound make for an interesting production duo. Their first appearance together on Inflyte Records with remixes from Remy Unger and ROD infused the styles of both producers perfectly. Their follow up EP on Gem Records has three originals from the Belfast based lads that make for a diverse EP.

Laurent Garnier – “Ohhhh yesssss… Mr. McGirk is right up my street :) Will support!”

Stephan Bodzin – “Now that is a KILLER release!!! Mr. McGirk is my pick of the pack!”

Pig (Pig&Dan) – “Its gotta be Dubzero for me here… Super cool record!!”

Nicole Moudaber – “This is an excellent Gem release and I think I’m gonna be supporting everything here.”

Samuel L Session – “The second track is really cool techno with a latin twist, it’s subtle but still there. Like!”

Sian – “It’s a solid body of work guys! Top marks from me, especially for Mr McGirk!”

First up is ‘Mr. McGirk’ which starts with a thumping kick and filtered Detroit piano chord stabs accompanied by warm synths. As the tracks builds momentum distorted 909 toms funk over the top of the kick making the track sound a little more aggressive. After the break the filters open up, rides are added and the track bursts with energy reminiscent of some of Kink’s harder stuff. Epic melodic peak time techno!

Next is the title track of the EP ‘Primal Function’ which utilises many of the same elements as ‘Mr. MkGirk’ but in a darker setting. The track opens with a pumping distorted kick, accompanied only by closed hihats. The piano stabs are slowly filtered in as the track builds up to the first break. Claps and spacy synth noises echo through a big reverb to add a large warehouse vibe. After the piano stabs open up and the melody varies in the break all that is left after is the big fat distorted kick and clap with a rim shot rattling over the top. Once all the elements are re-introduced the full power of the track is unleashed.

Finally we have Dubzero which as the name implies has a deep, subby bass line groove and many of its sounds disappearing into huge reverbs and spacey tape delays. The track builds and builds with more and more elements being added but always stays centred around its hypnotizing repetitive groove. Cut up vocals, punchy snare drums and spacey rides alongside a distorted echoey melody finish this well rounded EP off.