Cat. No: GEM020 | Release date: May 10th, 2012 | Format: digital


  • Plugh
  • Poodoo
  • Poodoo (Nima Khak remix)


With summer on its way, Gem release one final banging and rolling pure techno monster to pump those last dark club gigs before the sun comes out to stay. On/Off return to Gem for a second appearance after releasing the massive “Type 1” on the label last year.

On / Off is a relatively fresh project from the Netherlands which started life with a release on 8 Sided Dice back in late 2010. From day one their name has been synonimous with straight up kick-ass big room techno. Their Plugh EP on Gem is no exception.

Both originals are essential tools to beef up a peak time techno set, preferably played as loud as possible on a big fat system with lots of basssss…. Nima Khak’s remix brings a more dubby element to the track, taking it to a deeper yet powerful place. One nasty EP to end the club season.