Cat. No: GEM036 | Release date: September 15th, 2014 | Format: digital


  • On The Hour
  • Thumpers


As the weather turns on this side of the globe and the festival season starts coming to an end, Gem Records return with some full-on techno with a twist. Confute is a new name to the scene but his music reveals the skill of an experienced producer. The EP goes from epic and deep with ‘On the hour’ to wild and fierce with ‘Thumpers’.
On the hour is an extremely atmospheric track that seems to tell an epic story. It builds up energy and tension with a deep thumping kick and a dark bass line over the top. Strange and outlandish percussion is added together with a delicate shaker. The lead melody is slowly introduced as though from a great distance. The whole track conjures up images of large armies marching down valleys and the main melody sounds like the horn blowers announcing their arrival. Once all the sounds have been filtered in a horn screeches loudly and everything stops. As though the track has ended a huge reverb is allowed to fade almost completely away into silence. But just as you assume the track is over, a second horn screeches and the kick returns. Did we say epic yet?

Thumpers is a more familiar concept; full on, in your face, banging techno. The way it is done though is not so familiar. Confute likes to play around with the use of big reverbs and rhythmic delays. His choice of drum sounds and his way of creating atmosphere with his music is almost alien. The kick is huge and big and seems to have an extra layer of sub so deep it will make your teeth rattle. The percussion all repeats itself through a delay that keeps it driving and repeating. The main synth sounds like a supersonic motorbike revving up and up past the limits of any conventional engine and speeding through a large tunnel. Again the track conjures up images in your mind that are definitely worth exploring.

Make sure not to dismiss this as a big techno EP that should be confined to dance floors. It definitely deserves a proper listen on good headphones with your eyes closed.