Cat. No: GEM009 | Release date: February 14th, 2011 | Format: digital


  • Mainstage
  • House Music
  • Launch Pad


After well received appearances on Gem Sampler 1 and 2.2, Roger Martinez is back in full effect with his own EP ‘Mainstage’!

Roger Martinez has only recently re-focussed his attention towards producing dance music, after spending over a year working on the critically acclaimed and award winning ambient project ‘Horizontal Excursions’. Martinez’ excursion appears to have left a lasting impression on his approach to music production.

‘Mainstage EP’ as a result, sounds like it might have been created in another dimension for use on Earth’s dancefloors! The title track ‘Mainstage’ provides a big room techno sound at first glance, but huge reverbs and filtered delays give the track a darker, dubbier feel than others in its genre. As the track builds up, Native South American chants are introduced and tension is built up, giving the track a ritualistic vibe.

Next up is ‘House Music’. A warm and wobbly background synth forms the base of the track. Layer upon layer of percussion, claps, hihats and effects repeating monotonousely are piled up, interrupted by the occasional screeching saw tooth and surreal vocals. 7,5 minutes in space!

The EP finishes off with ‘Launch Pad’ which, with its funky bouncy bass line, bears the greatest resemblance to music as we know it. Techey, edgey, fresh and a definite Gem!

Stephan Bodzin – “Fat shit. Like House Music most. Bomb release.”
Mihalis Safras – “Oh my my! I so love this label! Mainstage is the proper track for a real techno set!”
Dosem – “Mainstage and House Music… this is the sound guys, absolutely full support.”
Adam Beyer – “Mainstage for me from this EP. ”
Anderson Noise – “Great release, maximo support!!”
Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “All I can say is I love this label and the output they have is absolutely of the highest quality thanks for the great sounding music….Mainstage is just PPPPHHHAAATTTTTT and House Music is a beautiful journey.”
Wally Lopez – “Will play…Mainstage for!”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Dark and deep tech house – Mainstage for me.”
Joel Mull – “Most Definitely gonna play Mainstage!! Great production.”
Carlo Lio – “House Music is my pick! Nice work!”
Karotte – “Launch Pad is nice. Will play this one for sure.”
Kaiserdisco – “Mainstage and Launch Pad sounds nice, will try them out thanks!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Mainstage is really good! Def play from me.”
Sasha Carassi – “Mainstage is brillant! Full support!”
Wehbba – “House Music is a huge tune, wow, excited to try this out tonight! Gotta love the digital era…”
Sian – “Giant tunes!!!”
Guy J – “House Music is the track for me here! Support.”
Tassilo (Pan-Pot) – “Nice release for me, will play Mainstage.”
Martin Eyerer – “House Music is cool for my radioshow!”
Alan Fitzpatrick – “Straight in the box, great EP!”
Club Madnezz Holland – “Mainstage is just outstanding.”
Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) – “These are all superb, will be blasting on the raido tongiht and in the club.”