Cat. No: GEM039 | Release date: December 15th, 2014 | Format: digital


  • Moodmachine & Anri – Lovebirds
  • Soundbalance – Superb
  • Mohn (NL) – Come Out & Play
  • Arno Motz – Triumph
  • Noraj Cue – Synthetic Brainwaves
  • Antonio Valente – Space Jump
  • Acensor – The 14th Baktun


Moodmachine & Anri – Lovebirds
The compilation kicks off with the beautiful laidback downtempo groove of ‘Lovebirds’. It was the chords on this bad boy that drew us in like a euphoric breeze blowing over Moodmachine’s signature warm, funky and phat bass line. Warmth and love all the way!

Anri started off as a purebreed DJ. It was Gem’s own Steve Ward who signed her to his Chameleon Agency and inspired her to get into music production. Earlier this year her first EP was released. Now she follows up with a release on Gem!

Moodmachine were formed in 2009 and since became a well-respected live act touring Australia and Europe regularly. So far they have been keeping most of their extensive live repertoire to themselves. Only a handful of tracks have been released up until now. This year releases are lined up with Vapour, Open and of course Gem Records.

Soundbalance – Superb
‘Superb’ starts off with a tense, dark atmosphere created by a growling sawtooth that filters in and out over a funky drum groove and deep bass line. But once the melody is introduced layer by layer the track gets a much warmer feel. Climaxes are created by filtering the huge synth chord in and out with some nice effects in the background. Energetic, warm, funky!

Soundbalance are a live act and DJ duo known for their remixes, most of which are released on their own Comport record label. ‘Superb’ will be the debut original track from the Haarlem (NL) based act!
Mohn – Come Out And Play
Mohn’s adition to the compilation is simple yet effective. A funky groove is accompanied by a deep bass line. The melody is layered on top of the b-line and some heavily sidechained soft synth pads play about in the background. There are a number of breaks where the melody is fed through a high pass filter until the bass line returns deep and heavy!

Mohn’s first ever track won him a release on Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy in 2012 through a contest. After such a great start he began releasing steadily including a second Alchemy release and a Sudbeat release.

Arno Motz – Triumph
Triumph has an electro-ish beat and a short stabby bassline. The lead is an ever so electronic sounding synth contrasted by a brass section. The track has a poppy electro sound to it without crossing over in to cheesy territory.

Arno Motz is a producer of the musically trained variety. He played various instruments in a number of bands until he discovered Ableton and got hooked. The music he produces has a high level of musicality and originality. We have high hopes for this young lad and an EP planned on Gem in 2015!

Noraj Cue – Synthetic Brainwaves
With sounds bubbling up all over the place, weird delays, reverbs and strange vocals… This is one trippy track! Synthetic Brainwaves indeed. This is one of those pumping hypnotic joints that might make you wonder if you’re hearing things right on a dance floor.

Noraj Cue is a producer in heart and soul. He started making music on a computer back in ’94 when he was thirteen. Making music was a way for him to express his feelings without the intention of ever releasing it. Today he is a productive producer who prefers spending time in his studio over anything else. The result is an impressive discography with a steady stream of releases on Manual Music, Tronic and Connaisseur to drop some names.

Antonio Valente – Space Jump
Antonio Valente drops an oldschool bomb! The sound is reminiscent of early 00’s techno but with better production quality and at least 15 bpm slower. The recipe is simple and sweet: Pumping kick, energetic repetitive baseline and ditto melody, swap the hihats for rides every now and then and filter the melody in and out.

Valente likes to use vintage techno as an inspiration to make tracks that work on dance floors today. He has been churning out tunes since 2009 including an EP on Sino. Gem label boss Secret Cinema has been smashing Antonio Valente tracks in his sets recently.

Acensor – The 14th Baktun
We end INTRODUCING#01 with an anthem. The 14th Baktun opens with just a kick, shaker and the growling bass line. As the track builds the lead synth is slowly introduced building up to an epic lighters in the air, blinders flashing, CO2 cannon pumping, firework display break. And then the track continues as before.

Since 2008 Acensor have been performing regularly at U603011 and have a residency at the .raw events alongside Alan Fitzpatrick, Len Faki and Ben Klock. Their releases have had international success, but they could still use an introduction!