Cat. No: GEM031 | Release date: February 10th, 2014 | Format: digital


  • Inbetweens
  • Editions
  • Reverse


Gem Records starts 2014 with some proper techno from spaced out producer and sound designer Revolt.

Arno Asmus has been around since the mid 90’s releasing under several names, Revolt being the best known. He has releases under his belt on labels such as Bedrock, Addictive, and Global Underground to name a few. Today he produces a broad spectrum of electronic music without holding back. From ambient to full on techno and from club music to sound design in video but always with a Revolt flavor to it.

The Inbetweens EP is a perfect example of his versatility. The ep kicks off with ‘Inbetweens’. A balance between a solid kick, percussion, industrial noises and synth sounds this is a true pumping warehouse techno track.

Up next is ‘Edition’ which has yet another thumping groove to enjoy which intertwines perfectly with the percussion. This time with vocals and gentle shakers in the background. ‘Reverse’ seems to speak to a different part of the brain. Utilizing a lighter up-tempo groove it immediately catches the ear. Spacy industrial scapes add a lot of atmosphere to the track working their way up to a climax. Watch out you don’t loose your sense of time and space while listening to this bad boy!

Revolt’s Inbetweens EP will be avalable from Februari 10th 2014 on Beatport or your favorite digital retailer.