Cat. No: GEM062 | Release date: March 22nd, 2019 | Format: Digital


1. DJ Lion – Lollapalooza
2. DJ Lion – Tasmanian Devil


Secret Cinema’s Gem Records return with two ice cold cuts by Bulgarian born, Berlin based, Patent Skillz label boss: DJ Lion.

DJ Lion is a pioneer of techno in his native Bulgaria. He rose to fame with Richie Hawtin supporting his every release. He is an audio engineer and teacher and that reflects in his music. His Gem Records EP has a futuristic approach to dynamics with synths sticking out above mix, giving those raw sounds the energy in the mix instead of the usual kick drum. The two track EP has been a highlight in Secret Cinema’s sets for the past months with crowds going crazy for it.

With Gem Records set to release EPs by Ramon Tapia, SQL, Transcode and Christopher Kah over the next few months, these are heady times for a label that continues to be rewarded for its consistent and innovative approach to contemporary electronic music.