Cat. No: GEM061 | Release date: March 1st, 2019 | Format: Digital


1. Stefan Weise – Prodigal Son
2. Stefan Weise – Prometheus
3. Stefan Weise – Rule Of Perception


Gem Records return with an excellent three tracker by Stefan Weise. It is the first Ep from the Italian born Colorado resident since his critically acclaimed The Tales We Tell Our Children album.

The Prodigal Son is a nod to Steve Rachmads Son of Norma (released as Norma G in 1993). Dutch techno in the nineties was a big inspiration to Stefan Weise. His Gem Records EP is written as a homage to the music that came from the Netherlands in that era.

Unlike most dancefloor music producers, Weise enjoys to be surrounded by tranquil nature instead of the big city. He built his studio by hand in the basement of his Colorado mountain house. Its beautiful, serene, relaxing The perfect work environment for me. Its only you and nature with no distractions.

From this restful place came Stefan Weises Prodigal Son EP which is set to disrupt the peace on any dancefloor exposed to it. Extremely funky and powerful with a meticulously sculpted and smooth low-end which according to the producer is achieved with dynamic EQing and the right sonic spacing.

With Gem Records set to release EPs by DJ Lion, Ramon Tapia, SQL and Transcode over the next few months, these are heady times for a label that continues to be rewarded for its consistent and innovative approach to contemporary electronic music.