Cat. No: GEM043 | Release date: December 14th, 2015 | Format: digital


  • Dimebag
  • Ruby
  • Dimebag Jams (Steve Ward Remix)


Pim van Horssen AKA SQL is back on Gem Records with 2 strong originals backed up by Steve Ward on remix duties. As expected the essential SQL ingredients funk and melody are there. But his development as an artist and a new analogue rawness are also evidently audible.

Like many artists out there SQL is making a shift towards feeding more and more signals outside the confines of his computer into actual machines with knobs and levers on them. Though this isn’t a guarantee for a better music, SQL has been pumping out some of his best work to date since the shift.

Dimebag Jams consist of the epic monster Dimebag which revolves around a throbbing bassline which increases in intensity as the filter is opened and layers added. It climaxes when a beautiful long pad is layered over the top for emotional content. Ruby is a beautiful pumping melodic track with loads of energy and funk. Interestingly Steve Ward skilfully blended the bassline from Dimebag with the melody from Ruby into one powerful track named after the EP.