Cat. No: GEM041 | Release date: March 23rd, 2015 | Format: digital


  • Beyond
  • The Fall


7th Star is an Italian duo consisting of Nihil Young and Valentina Black. They have been searching for their sound in their relatively new collaboration and with this EP they seem to have nailed it spot on!

First up on this breakthrough EP is ‘Beyond’ which features a huge bass line accompanied by a solid kick and slick groove. This distinctive track is heightened with its soft and warm synths, which set a melancholic atmosphere together with the vocoded vocals. The screeching and somewhat de-tuned lead melody adds a penetrating emotion to the song. Yet, what makes this track so unique and powerful is the way it manages to find balance between the epic, hypnotizing sound of early millennium progressive and post-punk electronic pop music. The track is not limited to one setting as its potential for airplay in no way affects its potential to rock an underground dance floor. These illustrious elements make this a perfect crossover tune.

On the flipside ‘The Fall’ stands in a category of its own, as it doesn’t fall into any of the clichés of electronic music. The ambiance is euphoric and mystical as if it were set in an enchanted forest with those blue Disney lovebirds dancing happily around. This is one to set the mood and fits perfectly into a sunny and warm setting. Get ready for summer because this is a hit that is perfect for good weather and good vibes.