Cat. No: GEM037 | Release date: October 13th, 2014 | Format: digital


  • Lilith
  • On The Move
  • Transmogrified


Absent and Diego Hostettler team up for their second EP together after dropping their amazing ‘She’s Not Worth It’ on Alexander Kowalski’s Damage Music. The follow-up on Gem Records has three originals packed with melody, soul and euphoria!

Diego Hostettler is an established name with over fifty 12”s and 8 albums on labels such as Kanzleramt, Tronic, Damage Music and of course his ‘Hope EP’ on Gem Records. He is known for his warm and emotional yet energetic techno sound which has audibly inspired friend and collaborator Yann van Uffelen AKA Absent. The latter has started building a profile as a producer in recent years and is steadily becoming a musical force to be reckoned with.

All three cuts have a nostalgic oldschool Detroit feeling to them and never lose momentum from the first bar to the last. The EP kicks off with ‘Lilith’ which is introduced with just a kick and a throbbing bassline. Hats are filtered in, the kick gets some extra umpf, and the melody is slowly introduced. During the break the track is built up fully with a delicate melody and a complex arpeggiator. This track will undoubtedly create a euphoric dancefloor atmosphere with loads of energy.

Next up is the Diego collab ‘On The Move’ with its fast percussion and dreamy echo’s. The structure is similar to the previous track as all elements are introduced slowly building up to the break after which the track explodes with energy, beautiful melodies and arpeggiators bouncing over the top of an energetic groove. But with music like this, more IS more.

Finally there is ‘Transmogrified’ which in case you are wondering means: “Transform in a surprising or magical manner” according to the dictionary. This track definitely has a mystical beauty to it. It doesn’t have the bouncing happiness of the other two songs on this EP. Instead there is a soft and sweet melody with a melancholy beauty to it. But contrasting the soft and subtle melody is a ridiculously phat kick drum and a heavy bassline to go with it. Different but in a very good way.

This quality piece of oldschool techno will be available from October 13th. So go on. You know you secretly love that oldschool stuff. Treat yourself to a couple of nice warm tracks. You know you want to…We wont tell…