Cat. No: GEM026 | Release date: May 6th, 2013 | Format: digital


  • 363A
  • Mi Fella
  • Mi Fella (Ramon Tapia Remix)


Since Gem Records first released their massive house track ‘All Night’ back in 2010 Kaap De Goede Hoop have been perfecting their production skills. Analogue synths and drum machines,  tape recorders and effects have been collected to create an impressive mad scientists lab. Kaap De Goede Hoop team up with John Mood and Eversines to create the epic dark live recorded ‘363A’. On the flipside we find the beautiful warm energetic ’Mi Fella’. Ramon Tapia added his signature pumping sound to the remix!
After a two year stop Gem decided there could be no better EP for Gem to return to pressing vinyl than this analogue tape recorded Kaap De Goede Hoop jam. “When we were putting together 363A everything just fell in to place” Kaap de Goede Hoop’s Bobby van Putten says. “We spent an entire evening programming the equipment and tweaking with Robbert van der Bildt (also Kaap De Goede Hoop) John Mood and Eversines in the studio. After that we just hit record and started playing. Originally the track was close to 13 minutes long. All we changed afterwards was cutting a piece out to keep the energy up during the track. Everything else was spontaneous!”.
Mi Fella (as in Fela Kuti), was created with afrobeat in mind. The deep subby bass line rattling hats and high pitched chanting combined with echoey guitar sounds make for an amazing combination and a an absolutely unique track. Ramon Tapia complements the release with his more controlled yet equally energetic clean but rough sounding remix!

Pig (Pig&Dan) – “This is a BOMB ep from Gem once again!! 363A is probably my fav here.”

Guy J – “Oh yes… 363A is the pick for me, ROCKIN’ track!! Thanx for sending and the best of luck with this one.”

Jamie Anderson – “From this collection is definitely the 363A original and Tapia’s remix that stand out. Support!”

Christian Smith – “Hey Gem this is a very nice package of music. My full support on everything here.”

Kaiserdisco – “It’s all about Ramon’s remix for us on this one. DOPE track!!”

Carlo Lio – “Very cool release from Gem.. Feeling 363A.. Definitely a great groove and something different. Mi Fella is great as well .. Will support fo sho!”

Mihalis Safras – “Finally its out! Great trippy remix from the man himself! Will test this in Miami.”

Dan (Pig&Dan) – “As to be expected Ramon kills it  Great work and full support for the whole release but the remix is my fav!!”

Karotte – “Mi Fella is sounding nice to me and the remix from Ramon is a real goodie too!! Nice stuff!”

Monika Kruse – “Ramon’s remixes will always be a sure shot!! It’s the same here! Support.”

The Junkies – “Diggin the groove Ramon’s remix of Mi Fella. Its really got it going on in his mix!!”

Alan Fitzpatrick – “Now that is some chunky phatness from Ramon!! As expected :) support!”