Hiago Pauli – Astenia EP – GEM

Hiago Pauli – Astenia EP

RELEASED ON February 23rd — 2024

Dive deep into the pulse of techno’s promising future with Hiago Pauli’s debut EP on Secret Cinema’s illustrious imprint, Gem Records. This EP, a finely crafted fusion of hypnotic beats and cutting-edge soundscapes, promises an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional electronic music. Hiago Pauli opens the EP with “Astenia,” a sonic voyage that beckons listeners into a realm where emotion and rhythm coalesce seamlessly. The track serves as a testament to Pauli’s ability to wear his heart on his sleeve, and sets the stage for the sonic exploration that follows. Secret Cinema, takes the helm to reimagine “Astenia” with his signature touch. The remix elevates the original, infusing it with a pulsating energy and intricate nuances that showcase the symbiotic relationship between the label head and the emerging talent. “Estética” unveils a new dimension in Hiago Pauli’s sonic palette. A testament to his versatility, this track captivates with its sophisticated grooves. The EP unfolds further, revealing the artist’s prowess in crafting diverse sonic landscapes. The South Africa virtuoso, takes the reins for the remix of “Estética.” Known for his prowess in techno and breakbeat production, Recoil [ZA] brings a distinctive touch to the EP. Through meticulous manipulation of ambient textures and rhythmic intricacies, Recoil [ZA] crafts a remix that stands as a testament to Gem Records’ commitment to diverse musical expressions. As Gem Records continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, Hiago Pauli’s debut EP stands as a testament to the label’s commitment to innovation and artistic expression. Join the journey as Gem Records unveils a sonic tapestry that resonates with both seasoned enthusiasts and those seeking a fresh sonic experience..