Secret Cinema, Shaun Moses – Neon Nebula EP – GEM

Secret Cinema, Shaun Moses – Neon Nebula EP

RELEASED ON March 31st — 2023

Dutch techno icon Secret Cinema teams up with rising producer Shaun Moses for a scorching two-track EP. Titled “Neon Nebula”, the EP showcases the two producers’ knack for crafting immersive techno soundscapes that take listeners on a sonic journey. The EP features two tracks, each showcasing a different facet of the duo’s sound. The title track, “Neon Nebula”, is a pulsating, hypnotic cut that builds tension with its intricate percussion and eerie synths. The track gradually intensifies, culminating in a euphoric climax that’s sure to ignite dancefloors. The second track, “Beat Da Dawn”, is a brooding, bass-heavy number that’s all about the groove. The track’s relentless rhythm is punctuated by bursts of metallic percussion, while haunting pads and distorted vocal samples add a touch of darkness to the mix. Both tracks feature Secret Cinema and Shaun Moses’ signature sound, which draws on the rich history of techno while pushing the genre forward with their unique perspective.