Christopher Kah – Jahria EP – GEM

Christopher Kah – Jahria EP

RELEASED ON August 11th — 2019

Christopher Kah brings to Gem Records a sunny festival EP with three euphoric A-sides bound to be hammered by the likes of Garnier. Emotional, energetic techno from the heart. A multi-instrumentalist and former live jazz and classical organ player, Christopher Kah always brings a high level of musicality to his electronic productions. The Ep slots perfectly into Gem Records label boss Secret Cinema’s summer sets and was signed immediately after hearing. Christopher’s own words about title track Jahria: “This could be number one in my top 5! I really love it, this track is a complete trip into my universe. The title was immediately obvious to me. Jharia is a city in India where a huge underground fire has been burning continuously for more than 80 years. It is located above a volcano. The images are impressive and the atmosphere fits this track perfectly! The track is at the same time dancefloor and quite dark, making me travel in a powerful universe, tinged with a burning red glow.” With Gem Records set to release EPs by VNTM, and Secret Cinema over the next few months, these are heady times for a label that continues to be rewarded for its consistent and innovative approach to contemporary electronic music.